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  • How Facebook is Driving 92 percent of Video
    How Facebook is Driving 92 percent of Video Views for Taco Bell

    It it nothing cheesy about Taco Bell and its cross platform video marketing strategy when it comes to social media. As a result, it became one of the first food chains to leverage social media platforms. And with their customers, it continues to see stronger relationships and increased sales as well. Their fans are engaged,

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  • 5 Actions to Take on Inbound-compressed (4)
    To Find New Customers with 5 Actions to Take on

    Do you want to use to find new customers? Where do you directly find online potential business partners, customers, and peers? It is known as that When you are in online marketing but not a regular visitor of, you are missing the change. This place is operated, owned and populated by seasoned

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  • All You Need To Know About Embedding YouTube
    All You Need To Know About Embedding YouTube

    Now, there are some way to create content, not same before, all everything is to use blocks of text. Because, we have the internet, have many surrounding social media and they have great influenced to reader’s feeling, increasing engage to your blogs, posts, articles. You need images, text in order to a good content and

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  • Twitter with 6 Tips6-compressed
    Selecting the Great Name on Twitter with 6 Tips

    Do you being set up a new Twitter profile? Do you like some help selecting the great Name on Twitter? One of the key elements of your Twitter profile is your name and by that which has the name after the “@” I mean the handle . You have to take a good Twitter name which can help

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  • perfect WordPress theme-compressed
    4 tips to create the perfect WordPress theme

    Tip 01. Separate functionality & presentation Many WP theme authors try
 to cram all the functionality into their theme, when much of it belongs in wp plugins. I’m very much an advocate of keeping a wp theme as close to the presentation/view layer as possible. If the functionality I’m working on doesn’t provide visual enhancement

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  • Perfect WordPress Theme1-compressed
    Selecting the Perfect WordPress Theme

    Why You Should be Careful When selecting a WP Theme? WP is used to make all kind of sites. That is why each theme caters to a different market. Your WP theme should complement the content of your web-site. For example, if you’re making a blog on politics or social issues, then you would want

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  • InstaBuilder Review-compressed
    InstaBuilder Review

    What’s InstaBuilder ? InstaBuilder  is the fully renewed version 2.0 of the popular webpage builder InstaBuilder 2.0. It’s a WP plugin that lets you make beautiful, highly converting, marketing pages with big functionality at the touch of a button, even if you’ve no technical expertise at all. What kind of marketing pages? With InstaBuilder 2.0,

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  • Thrive Content Builder-compressed
    Thrive Content Builder

    What is Thrive Content Builder ThriveContent is a real what you see is what you can editor for WP. It means that if you use this wp plugin, instead of using the classic WP Interface, you’ll pre-load the page as your visitors will see it & write on it directly. But see for yourself. There are several advantages

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  • InstaSUITE Review

    InstaSUITE Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about InstaSUITE? Please read through my honest reviews about InstaSUITE before selecting it. InstaSUITE Overview Vendor: Suzanna Theresia Product: InstaSUITE Release Date: 2016-07-07 Release Time: 10:00 EDT Front-End Price: $197 Sales Page: Click Here Niche: Software You found this review probably because you’re searching in Google/ Bing or

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